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Forex Control Center is a Forex Analysis Software with Metatrader Statement Importing support
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Forex Control Center
Release date
20 November 2007

Publisher's description

Forex Control Center helps you know where you are failing in your trading. Most problems traders have with their trading it that they don't know what they are doing good or bad.
Forex Control Center brings the control every trader needs and with an easy use that lets you concentrate just in the information. Discover the power of Forex Control Center and invest your time on improving all those small mistakes that make you to loose pips.
- Create unlimited accounts for your brokers or your trading systems
- Import the information automatically from your broker or from your own format
- Add specific date ranges to analyze certain time periods of your account
- Get all the information about your account in a centralized way
- Have a control of the files imported in your account
- Find all the information about your trades grouped in the same place
- The most common statistics and figures are included for your reference
- Analyze the information globally, by pair and by time frame
- Included all kind of reports from the most general to the most specific
- Check with charts the results of your systems and accounts
- Compare the evolution of all your different systems
- Control the different parameters of your accounts through the time
- Create your diary entries automatically from your trades
- Add your comments and thoughts about your trading
- Add unlimited images from your broker platform or other sources and associate them with your entries in the diary
- Keep all the comments about your trades in the same place
- Review all the diary information when you need to improve from your mistakes and your success
- Show or hide the different colunms to adapt it to your needs
- Order the colunms by several criterias
- Define your ouw filterings with a powerful and easy script language
- Print your all your trades, charts and reports with only one click
- Export to all kind of standard formats
- Much more...

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Amazing software that works with Metatrader and Oanda
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